Seventh Tabernacle Beth El, Cincinnati

Seventh Tabernacle Beth El, Cincinnati

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Elder Asa McNeil, Sr., Local Pastor
3944 Cass Street, Cincinnati, OH 45223
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History of the Tabernacle

Seventh Tabernacle, Church of God and Saints was established in 1906 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since inception, the congregation has aided the community through human betterment, true fellowship, and deeds of kindness. Its presence in the city began with the first Local Pastor, Elder Samuel W.T. Harper.  Several members joined the congregation and generations later continue this same legacy by working tirelessly to preserve its rich religious heritage. 

Being led by the Spirit, the congregation continued to grow and pastorship was given to Elder John Gaytzera in 1915, who was ordained by Prophet William S. Crowdy and served until 1925.  It was then that Elder James McNeil was sent from Sedalia, MO to Cincinnati as the Local Pastor.  Elder McNeil brought his family and inspired members in both Cincinnati and Sedalia, to collectively come together to worship in Cincinnati. It was under his pastorship that the tabernacle grew and flourished. Elder McNeil remained Local Pastor until 1978 when he later moved to the organization’s Headquarters in Belleville, VA.

Elder McNeil was succeeded by several strong Local Pastors throughout the years which included the following stalwart pillars: Elder Reuben Merritt: 1981-1990; Deacon Ezekiel McNeil (Deacon-In-Charge): 1990-1992; Elder Gregory McNeil: 1990-2002; Elder Michael Norris: 2002-2013; Elder Darron Merritt: 2013-2015; and Elder Isaiah Lumpkins: 2015-2021.  The congregation remains thankful for the leadership and devotion of each of its successive leaders.

In October 2021, the baton passed and remains in the capable hands of Local Pastor, Elder Asa J. McNeil, Sr.  He and the congregation are poised to extend their reach as a family of believers who place priority in the spiritual growth and development of each of its member through prayer, praise, worship and service.

Although a small congregation, faithful members have supported the work and one another as they transitioned as “one family” to several locations. The first building was located at 935 W 5th Street, and later the congregation relocated to 835 W 5th Street; 845 W 5th Street; 730 W 6th Street; and 944 W 7th Street; and eventually found it rightful place at 3944 Cass Avenue.  It is here that the family at Seventh Tabernacle is pleased to have this opportunity to welcome you.  Whether beginning or continuing your spiritual journey, we invite you to join and share in this family like atmosphere as we ignite a passion to love God and our fellowman.

We have a great desire to share the hope and love of God outside of the walls of the church and we partner with organizations in the community to accomplish this.  More than a century later, we remain dedicated to the spiritual truths that have laid the foundation while allowing us to build and strengthen a strong community of believers.  The church body is still growing! Seventh Tabernacle is where many have found new life and a local place they can call home. We would love to see you and worship with you and your family.